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The farmers.
Watered and nourished the hard dry crusty cover of a seed breaks open giving way to rushing flow of abundant life. A life that possesses the unbridled potential to transform a barren land into a thriving forest.
A great farmer understands this magnificent process. He understands that there is magic packed within every seed. A magic that can transform a single seemingly insignificant tiny seed into a life giving forest. His dream day in and day out is to see this potential unleashed. His pride is not in the daily activities, cultivating, watering or pruning process but in the amount of fruit he is able to reap.
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You don’t have to wear a mask here. We accept who you are faults and all, earnestly; in fact the only thing our culture doesn’t tolerate is façades. The Berry culture values each individual’s experience and perspective – these are what fuel our ideas and passions.

Less me and more we

Berry is not a one man show; it’s not even a duo, it’s a complex organic entity that takes every employee, department and partner giving it their all to function. There is no “important job” at Berry, everyone role is crucial for Berry to keep serving its clients with the care, effort and attention it promises.

have fun

The advertising world for all its stress and buzz is actually a very enjoyable, fun universe. It’s a world of possibilities and meaningful interactions that feed the minds of generations. It’s an overwhelming responsibility as it is overpowering joyride. So be sure you get plenty of practice on your foosball.

Design last

As part of a concept driven creative company design and execution should be the last thing on your mind. Not that they don’t matter, but every communication that comes out of Berry needs to tell a coherent story. Although execution should be flawless, our Ads should be concept and Idea rich first and foremost.

We learn

Our idea of the best way to communicate a brand is always evolving. And we love that about ourselves, we don’t have a cookie cutter answer we keep year after year. Time changes, people change and more importantly culture and business trend change and these changes are always happening.


One of our major objectives in any project is effective communication to people. Not effective communication to the “masses” or “target groups” but to people, people just like us. We have to be able eat the same food we serve up. We have to imagine that we are talking to our own sisters, mothers, colleagues, friends and family.

Our Berry best

We don’t expect you to be your very best, we expect you to be your BERRY best. Your very best is when you’ve given all you got and your tired and burned out; you BERRY best, on the other hand, is when you having all the fun you can possibly have, enjoying both yourself and your work …


Be friendly. Stop your work of a few minutes and spare some of your time and energy to see how one of your colleague is doing or to just give someone a warm HELLO. Here at Berry, we find that workplaces with the most smiles and friendly faces are the most productive, most interesting and most creative.

Customer service.


Identifying and defining your brand is indeed one the most crucial and exciting stages in establishing the future of the company.This stage truly requires a level of creativity, honest approach and a unique brand characterization.


Berry/TPC™ masters the art of media production by focusing on the creation and analysis of media products with emphasis on the aesthetics, technology and financing structures that underpin excellent media.


We are proud to introduce our newly developed online and mobile based application called BerryMuch - conceived with the idea of pioneering Ethiopia’s first media buying and planning solution.


There is a reason why Berry is nicknamed as the “Creative Farm”. Berry’s Creative Team takes originality and uniqueness seriously. We spend large portion of our project time on brainstorming and idea generation to come up with the most distinctive work that will leave lasting impression within your target audience.


Ever worried about your reaching out to the trendy and tech ...We work to give you unprecedented boost in your social media presence with good content to meet the trendy and tech savvy target audience.


We give great emphasis on strategy. Every brand has its own marketing objective and we want to make sure you get the right planning and strategy that can make your company, brand, or service stand out from the competition.

We have

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Our mission is to help our clients make distinctvie,
lasting, and substantial improvements
in their performance
Berry Culture
We’re Human

It simply means that we focus on being a great human-beings first before being great professionals. We believe that the true strength of great communication lies within being keen in the understanding of our human experiences, love, hate, joy, sadness, excitements and disappointments. We believe that the more we indulge in it and become great at it, the more we become great at what we do, communication. After all, only humans can communicate to humans. .

Daring and bold

These are two of the major contents of creativity in general. The one thing that kills creativity is the lack of these elements. It is what separates the extraordinary from the mediocre and the good from the great. It is the attitude that says Impossible is one of the two possibilities and just because it hasn’t been done before it doesn’t mean it is can’t be done now.
We at Berry believe in challenging the status-quo and pushing the envelope a little further. We understand that great results demand for extraordinary inputs. This is an attitude that transforms our talented professionals into trendsetting geniuses.

Solution seekers

This is an attitude of being able to dream and seek out positive possibilities and finding out ways to get there. We believe this really is the core value in the Berry culture because it actually is the start and end to everything that we do at Berry. We understand that companies come to us seeking solution rather than our artworks. The more we sustain this attitude, the more we are natural at always being able to deliver these solutions.

Less me, more we

We value individuals and individualism. We also value the power of shared vision and collaboration. Our team spirit comes from an awareness of self/individual limitations and not just sharing of responsibilities. The bigger the dream, the wider the team that collaborates to make it happen.
Our collaborative spirit can change our individual limitations into unbridled power and wider horizon. At Berry the question is not “who do we have in the team?” Its “what needs to be done?”



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