We are
The farmers.

Watered and nourished the hard dry crusty cover of a seed breaks open giving way to rushing flow of abundant life. A life that possesses the unbridled potential to transform a barren land into a thriving forest. A great farmer understands this magnificent process. He understands that there is magic packed within every seed. A magic that can transform a single seemingly insignificant tiny seed into a life giving forest. His dream day in and day out is to see this potential unleashed. His pride is not in the daily activities, cultivating, watering or pruning process but in the amount of fruit he is able to reap.


  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Advertising strategy
  • Communication strategy


  • Corporate Branding
  • Product Branding


  • Creative strategy development
  • TV Commercial - concept
  • Radio Commercial - Concept
  • BTL Development (experiential marketing)
  • Print Concept


  • Tv Commercial
  • Documentary Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Management
  • Audio and Video Recording and Editing


  • Digital media strategy development
  • Social media campaign and monitoring
  • Social Media content management
  • Website and App Development
  • Email Marketing

Advertising Campaigns

  • 360 Campaign
  • 180 Campaign ATL


  • Planning, Placement and Monitoring
Our Clients

We work with clients of various business types and sizes, ranging from small businesses to large international companies.

We know the trend

We are more than a digital agency—we’re a trusted partner and collaborator. The advanced network of professional contacts around the world helps to solve the most complex problems, achieving amazing results. The development of professional skills in the best workshops, speeches at forums and participating in associations and meet-ups with the partners is constantly improving the skill of our team, helping to be on the verge of global digital environment evolution.


We are human-centered agency. We believe in passion and inspiration for our team, no matter their background or years of experience. On every phase of company development, we find the necessary balance, honing processes and improving skills. A team of >20 people ready to implement projects, regardless of scale and complexity.


Berry Advertising is a Creative Advertising and Communications agency in Ethiopia. Our unique culture is what led us here. Fun, creative, ambitious and professional is how to describe our team. If this is how you would describe yourself, this just might be the environment for you to thrive. Check out our list of vacancies and apply for the position that you are most competitive in.

Current positions open- Copy Writer, Sketch artist, Senior 3D artist

No suitable vacancy? Send your CV and we will certainly consider it.

General Manager

Melaku Beharu

Senior Art-Director

Kirubel Abebe

Junior Creative Director

Solomon G. Bezuayehu