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Several print Ads- poster, Roll up, and Banner- were needed to communicate the 75th Anniversary of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. On the big 75 number drawn on the ad, details of its services such as the asset, the profit, and number of ATM machines were communicated.

Other print ads were also done to show the accessibility of ATM machines of CBE (depicted through the creative idea that shows a CBE ATM machine in a bed room), the variety of visa cards that CBE has, and CBE’s acceptance of international cards such as Visa cards, Union Pay and Master Card.

An additional print Ad was made to promote to the Ethiopian Diasporas about the availability of mortgage loan to purchase or construct a residential house with up to 80% with only minimum interest.

A final one was also made to promote CBE Birr, a mobile banking system, creatively communicated through a poster showing withdrawal of money from a phone apparatus.